London Affiliate conference in 2018: an upcoming event


London Affiliate conference in 2018: an upcoming event

The event consists of a plenary session of conferences open to the public. It will be held on Friday 2th of February at the Saint George hotel in the city center of London.

The London conference follows a series of successful previous editions, held in Australia, USA, India and Korea: all of them had an enormous success. The affiliate conference is a professional oriented fair, as well as a way to introduce various trading platforms and their unique potential to the traders. Because with such traders as Andlil or DigitalBusiness owners, you’re sure ! His purpose is also to support networking between traders and brocher and to analyze potential strategies together.

Not only is it the leading international fair for the online trading world, it is also an extremely important event for those who look to the future with the desire to get involved and make money. It is an unique opportunity for those wishing to undertake together with other traders an investment activity, paying particular attention to the most innovative strategies. At the event there will be a general presentation of the most famous trading platforms, held by the experienced trader John Smith. The goal of this exhibition is to allow beginners to get to know the trading world and start off on the right foot by choosing the best broker in circulation.

After that, the conference will continue with an intervention and an open dialogue between the public and the different traders sponsoring the event. The purpose of the day will be to provide skills and tools to the participating traders, but also to contribute to the growth of participating trading companies. Perfect situation for networking and advertising among beginners in the sector.

But the conference it is also the ideal place for experienced traders and potential entrepreneurs thanks to the excellent services offered during the day of the conference. They will allow traders to learn, meet and deepen the trading world in every aspect. Special attention is also placed on foreign markets, which are increasingly approaching online trading with their different regulations. This is why delegations from the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, the United States and China will also be present at this year’s conference.

Some figures referring to previous editions: over 1,000 visitors, dozens of trading associations, services.
Meetings. Training. Conferences. For over 20 years we are the first trade fair. We have started and grow thousands of trading.

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